Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Next-Gen Email & Calendaring

Free 1-month trial including group calendaring - sync with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Windows Mobile & Blackberry. More »

Reliable & flexible Australian hosting solutions for any size operation.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Our VPS hosting service provides an excellent balance between performance and price and is exclusively hosted on our equipment in Australia. More »

Zimbra Email Hosting

A powerful Open Source email and collaboration tool. Designed and built as a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange with a much lower total-cost-of-ownership. We offer flexible, managed emailed hosting & support for any businesses. More »

Web Hosting

We offer competitive, well-supported packages for all your shared hosting requirements, including web sites, domains and email services. More »

Offsite Backup Hosting

The Solutions First Offsite Backup product offers a secure way to replicate and store your valuable business data regularly and automatically. Data is stored and replicated at our secure co-location facility at the Equinix datacentre in Mascot. Contact us for more information.

domain registrationDomain Registration

Solutions First can search, suggest and register all types of domain names on your behalf. Get in touch with us today, before someone else snaps up your address! More »