We’re here to do just that – and sometimes the process is the same for everyone, so we’ve jotted down some notes and created a series of handy ‘how-to’ guides for common product installation / configuration processes. As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or via should you need assistance.

1/ Call or start a chat

For urgent support requests, sales or general enquiries, please call during business hours on 1300 765 122. We also have a chat facility.

2/ Support email

If you’re an existing customer, please send support requests by email. This will create a ticket in our system for our team to follow up.

3/ Remote session

To start a remote session, you first need to be in contact with one of our technical support staff and be an existing customer.

Config Guides

Use our handy guides for configuring various programs commonly used by our customers.

Zimbra Guides

For Zimbra accounts hosted with Sol1.

Access your account from anywhere at

Email Configuration

For email accounts included in a Sol1 Hosting Package.

Access your account from anywhere at

Advanced Settings

Don’t need a guide? Here are the default settings for your mail client:


  • Server type: Exchange
  • URL:
  • Note: For Outlook use the Zimbra Connector.

Zimbra IMAP (if device doesn’t support Exchange)

  • IMAP,, Port: 993, SSL
  • SMTP,, Port: 587, TLS, requires authentication

Sol1 Hosting Package Mail

  • IMAP,, Port: 993, SSL
  • SMTP,, Port: 1025, TLS, requires authentication

Make Contact.