Spam Filtering

Are You Tired of Getting Junk Email and Viruses? We offer a hosted Spam Filtering solution, which can detect and remove spam and viruses from email before they reach you, stopping all the nasties before they even take up your precious bandwidth.

After being filtered through our hosted system, your email is sent directly to your mail server. You can also log in to the spam filter yourself to report any spam that may get through the barrier, and the filter will learn as you train it to filter out more spam in the future.

Our talented engineers can assist you with setup, and of course ongoing support.

Our spam filtering solution provides:

  • Spam filtering with per user quarantine and blacklist/whitelist control
  • Grey listing with easy opt in/out
  • Antivirus filtering using definitions updated hourly
  • Neural network learning ability, to always stay on top of the latest spam
  • Spam definition feeds from system administrators and companies around the world

All of these features are available for only $420 annually, including free Secondary MX service.

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