Announcements from a CMS into VizEngine graphics

Deployed in mid-2020, CMSTicker has since become an indispensable tool within Sky Racing’s broadcast workflow. It integrates seamlessly with Vizrt’s Viz Engine to render text content to scenes. CMSTicker stands out for its rock-solid performance and minimal maintenance needs, which have provided Sky Racing with a reliable and efficient solution to their broadcasting announcements.

How it works

CMSTicker’s operation can be broken down into the following key stages:

  • Content fetching: It retrieves textual content from Sky Racing’s CMS, such as race details and betting odds.
  • Processing and formatting: The system formats the content to fit within broadcast graphics templates.
  • Integration with Viz Engine: CMSTicker sends the formatted content to Viz Engine for dynamic scene rendering.
  • Live repetition: It continuously updates the broadcast graphics with new data, checked at regular intervals to ensure that no content is missed.

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