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Providing expert broadcast engineering solutions for over 15 years
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Broadcast Engineering Specialists

Specialising in the field of broadcast engineering for over 15 years, we proudly profess the most senior technicians in this niche industry. Our areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Powerful Storage


Graphics Integration

Wagering Feeds


Our keen interest in this specialty field has led us to pursue bespoke software development, which we proudly support and customise. Notable projects we have completed and continue to support include:

  • Autoingest for Sky Racing, automating the dynamic recording and transcode of over 400 live races/day, 364 days a year.
  • Otter for SBS, integration between Harmonic, the operators and CDNs, allowing easy Live2VOD and timeshifting on streaming content.
  • CMSTicker – announcements from a CMS into VizEngine graphics
  • Meerkat Dashboards – everything from national DAB to record/archive workflow requests – logical dashboards for non-technical teams
  • MAM integration and support – aftermarket support for VizRT Ardome and Vizone, including integration and maintenance/upgrades

We consider ourselves extremely privileged to work and mentor long-term clientele such as Sky Racing, Foxtel, and TBS, and we value the mutually invaluable relationships we build. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique requirements of the broadcast industry and assisting with the transition to a more general IT-focused technology stack. Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to collaborate with internal broadcast engineering teams to evaluate and build reliable and cost-effective technology solutions.

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