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We offer a wide range of IT support services, tailor-made to suit your business needs
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Next-level IT Support

We offer the full spectrum of remote and onsite IT support services for your business. From day-to-day troubleshooting to network optimisation, maintenance, moves and restructures. Whether you require regular or on-demand assistance; our team is here to take your company’s IT to the next level.

Engagement Models

We proudly offer no-contract and entirely customisable solutions. By tailoring the service to your specific needs, we feel you receive the best solution possible.

Desktop Support

Ensure smooth business operations with prompt solutions for all your desktop-related issues.

Proactive Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance and checkups to prevent potential issues before they impact your business.

Server & Application Support

Comprehensive support for your servers and applications to keep your business running efficiently.

Security Patching

Ensuring your systems are protected with the latest security patches to defend against vulnerabilities.

Software Updates

Keeping your software up-to-date with the latest features and security enhancements.

Helpdesk Support

Our reliable and knowledgeable helpdesk support team is here to address your IT concerns quickly.

Onsite Visits

Professional onsite visits by our experienced staff for hands-on support and IT troubleshooting.

Data & Network Security

Safeguarding your data and network with robust security measures.

Infrastructure as a Service

Scalable and reliable IT infrastructure solutions tailored to your business needs.

24/7 Systems Monitoring

Around-the-clock system monitoring to detect and resolve issues promptly.

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Reliable backup and recovery solutions to protect your data and ensure business continuity.

Hardware Procurement

Sourcing and supplying the right hardware to meet your business requirements.

Technologies We Support & Love


We offer full support for all versions of Windows Desktop and Server.


Most Linux distributions, specialising in Redhat and Debian-based solutions.


macOS X.

Embedded Operating Systems

We offer professional support for a huge range of embedded operating systems – from routers to printers.


NAS, SAN, storage clusters, cloud storage.


Tape, Libraries, Nearline, Offsite, DR, Veeam.


Custom managed Linux firewalls, as well as those from proprietary vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and Symantec.


Linux, Cisco, Juniper, HP, cloud networking, OpenVPN, embedded mesh networks.


Our favourite open directory platform. Manage technology stacks across identity and devices.

Applications & Databases

Too many to list. Over the nearly 20 years of operation, our staff have a massive array of experience in technology choices.


We are an Icinga partner, and can monitor everything from RAID state to application integrity.

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