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How it works

icinga netbox integration Icinga/NetBox Integration

Why create this solution?

Better configuration

We aim to achieve a level of consistency out of NetBox by validating objects within Icinga. In doing so, we can confirm that NetBox data is always accurate and up-to-date.

The integration is jointly supported by Icinga, Sol1, and NetBox Labs, the commercial steward of NetBox.

Lowering the barrier to entry

By integrating with NetBox, we can effectively lower the bar to entry on a monitoring solution such as Icinga. When something goes wrong within the solution, Icinga notifies the users who can then make changes in NetBox, rather than interacting with Icinga configuration directly.

Monitoring at scale

By maintaining a level of consistency of data within NetBox and lowering the barrier to entry of Icinga configuration, we have provided an efficient method for sustainable large-scale monitoring.

The Benefits

For NetBox

Integrating Icinga monitoring into NetBox allows for the constant validation of data and clear representation of any changes to its systems.

As a result, data within NetBox can be well-maintained and notify its users of updates when changes occur.

For Icinga

Using NetBox as a source of truth for Director Automation to populate Icinga configuration helps ensure consistency and lowers the barrier of entry to Icinga monitoring. Users with no experience in Icinga can use simple NetBox actions to assist in monitoring.

The automation rules which are defined by Icinga maintainers allow for complex configurations based on existing NetBox data, reducing the amount of setup work.

Using NetBox for automation allows for monitoring data at an enormous scale.

Success Stories

White logo - Telstra

By adopting NetBox as their DCIM, Telstra was able to improve configuration management for their monitoring solution, providing customers with much more efficient service delivery.

The Icinga/NetBox Integration Module removed the need for repetition among staff. Telstra was able to have Icinga do the hard work for them and validate the data in NetBox, for thousands of devices in data centres around the world.

White logo - Foxtel

Foxtel had to reduce their number of data centres from five to three, and employed NetBox to keep track of the data while they did so.

The Icinga/NetBox Integration Module enabled whole teams to document how the data centres were laid out. Using Icinga importer, data was able to be verified as soon as it came online in the data centres, effectively lowering the barrier of entry to configuring monitoring.

The teams maintained a greater operational efficiency as they only had to input data once for it to be monitored. 

White logo - Reivernet

Reivernet were managing networks for a large number of international hotels. They required a sustainable monitoring ecosystem, and Sol1’s Icinga/NetBox Integration was the only tool that met their needs.

Reivernet would document each hotel site with limited information, while the integration tool would clean the data, validate it, and create a monitoring configuration to verify the status of over 300,000 devices.

Future projects at Reivernet are expected to push that number to over 1.5 million devices, all made easy to handle with the Sol1’s integration.

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