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Meerkat is designed to elevate your monitoring strategy; making it smarter, more flexible, and infinitely more accessible
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What is Meerkat?

Everything from national DAB to record/archive workflow requests – system monitoring is a key component in ensuring everything works as it should. Meerkat is designed to elevate your monitoring strategy, making it smarter, more flexible, and infinitely more accessible.

Key Features

Rethinking Your Monitoring Solution

Meerkat revolutionises the way your network interacts with Icinga2. By providing an intuitive and highly-customisable GUI that caters to your system’s needs, your monitoring solution can become far more efficient. Meerkat bridges the gap between comprehensive monitoring and actionable insights, making it easier than ever to oversee and manage your systems.

Simplicity For Users

At the heart of Meerkat lies its flexible design, which provides you with the framework to effortlessly create dashboards for your systems. Drag-and-drop elements make customising your dashboard easy, and means you no longer have to sacrifice time creating a readable and usable GUI from scratch. Whether you’re monitoring small-scale IT environments or overseeing extensive broadcasting networks, Meerkat ensures a seamless and efficient monitoring experience.

Visualising your operations

Where most dashboards offer comprehensive overviews on infrastructure alone, Meerkat’s flexibility allows you to also visualise more abstract systems – like your operations. Anything that can be monitored through Icinga2 can be visualised on your Meerkat dashboard, allowing more intuitive designs than most other dashboards offer.
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Chris Boyd

Media Management Engineer
Sky Racing

The tailor-made notification system, user-friendly interface, and collaborative features of the Meerkat Dashboard have collectively elevated our operational efficiency to new heights, and I’d highly recommend it to any team looking to optimise their workflow management.

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