Managed Backups

Don’t lose important data! Put your mind at ease.

Our Offsite Backup product offers a secure way to replicate and store your valuable business data regularly and automatically.

Using open source software, we are able to provide a cost effective off-site backup solution that leaves you in control of your data and its security.


  • Store your data off site in either our secure facility, or in your own location.
  • Our engineers can restore the file to your system after a simple phone call. We are available 24/7 for emergency restorations.
  • To ensure low bandwidth charges, the backup system only transfers any changes made to your data. Changes to files are then stored in versions, enabling you to retrieve prior versions.
  • Backup log notifications. Emails are sent on a daily basis to the nominated IT contact in your company.
  • Alert system. This will notify Solutions First if the backup job fails or needs attention.
  • Web Restore Utility.

Setup Cost

The setup cost is billed at our standard hourly rate. The ongoing costs are calculated on the amount of data stored. For a given month this will be the amount of data in the source, plus the increments.

Monthly Charge

$30.00 flat for 0GB – 10GB
$3.00 per GB for 11GB – 20GB
$2.00 per GB for the next 40GB (from 21Gb to 60Gb total storage)
$1.00 per GB after that (from 61GB upwards)


There are various reasons why backups fail or break. In an effort to provide you with a better understanding of this product and how it works, we have listed the main causes below:

  • Offsite backups rely on a stable Internet connection, so when that connection drops out, the backup will fail.
  • Major changes to the layout of folders included in the backup.
  • Major changes to large amounts of data.
  • Download limits from certain ISPs can be impacted by the offsite backup, as sometimes uploads are counted towards download limits.
  • It is expected that customers of the offsite backup system are aware of the impact of download limits.

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