OTTer is a demonstration of Sol1’s capabilities as a systems integrator. It brings together video streaming technology, powered by Harmonic VOS360, with the power and scale of AWS Cloud Infrastructure.

Simplifying broadcast management

OTTer supports Live2VOD GUI by interacting directly with media asset management systems for content metadata. By handling this interaction automatically, OTTer can simplify the transition from live broadcasting to on-demand content.

Comprehensive monitoring

OTTer surfaces metrics and health checks, enabling automated monitoring and the creation of intuitive dashboards. This allows for real-time tracking of system performance, operations and infrastructure status.

Integration through augmentation

OTTer was designed to expand and augment Harmonic VOS360 functionality to integrate with AWS Cloud Infrastructure, and accommodate our client’s requirements.

OTTer augments Harmonic VOS360 functionality with:

  • DASH and HLS-TS manifest manipulation. OTTer enables Live2VOD ad removal compatible with DAI integration. It also introduces additional cue points and multi-segment support
  • MPEG-TS content manipulation. We’ve fine-tuned OTTer to maximise playback compatibility, especially with legacy HLS-TS devices, to ensure that content remains accessible and consistent across all devices
  • Efficient media orchestration. OTTer provides automated delivery of media according to content types and locations
  • Webhook support. OTTer enhances the capability for integration with other serivces and workflows
  • High-level abstraction. OTTer provides this to offer a “managed API” experience to the end-broadcaster. We aim to reduce complexity and enable broadcasters to focus on content rather than management

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