Proxmox Support Packages

Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) is an open-source virtualization platform that combines the power of virtualization with container-based technologies. It offers a robust and scalable solution for managing virtual machines, containers, and highly available clusters.

Key Features

  • Feature-Rich Environment

    Proxmox VE provides a comprehensive set of features, including live migration, high availability, backup, and more.

  • Open-Source Flexibility

    As an open-source platform, Proxmox allows for customization and integration with other technologies, providing flexibility tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Proxmox VE offers a cost-effective alternative to proprietary virtualization solutions.

Our Proxmox Support Packages

At Sol1, we understand the importance of reliable support for your virtualization infrastructure in your timezone (Australia!). That’s why we offer Proxmox support packages tailored to your needs, providing expert assistance and guidance to ensure the smooth operation of your virtual environment. Our Proxmox support packages include:


For small-businesses and startups

  • Proxmox repository subscription
  • 12 support incidents/year
  • Email support
  • Support hours – 9am-5pm AEST


*minimum 10 cores


For medium-sized businesses

  • Proxmox repository subscription
  • 24 support incidents/year
  • Email and phone support
  • Support hours – 9am-5pm AEST


*minimum 20 cores and 1-year commitment


For large enterprises

  • Proxmox repository subscription
  • Unlimited support incidents/year
  • Email and phone support
  • 24/7 support


*minimum 200 cores and 1-year commitment. Ceph support available at additional cost

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