Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is not just an e-mail service, but an online collaboration suite that incorporates E-mail, Calendaring, Global Address Books, File Sharing, Mobile sync, and more into one system

Zimbra partner

Zimbra is the leader in open source, next-generation email and collaboration software, and the top alternative to Microsoft Exchange. With more than 60 million paid mailboxes worldwide, Zimbra is one of the largest and fastest growing email providers.

As an approved partner, Sol1 can offer Zimbra to your business, hosted on our own secure, high-perfomance servers in Australia. Coupled with an excellent webmail interface or Zimbra desktop, you have a cost-effective, hassle-free email and collaboration solution.

Our technicians can easily migrate your existing e-mail, calendar and contacts from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Scalix and many other systems. We can also either provide comprehensive migration assistance or point you in the right direction, depending on your requirements. Each migration is unique so give us a call to discuss further.

Features include:

  • A standards compliant email server supporting IMAP, Exchange, POP3, and SMTP
  • Full collaboration with shared calendars, tasks and address books
  • Extended collaboration features, like document management and a built in wiki
  • Access your Zimbra account through multiple methods such as Outlook, Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Webmail) & Smart Phone

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (Webmail)

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite brings all the functionality of Zimbra into an easy-to-use platform. With all the functionality you are used to, and more, Zimbra will help to streamline your tasks, and improve productivity.


  • Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Briefcase in a single window
  • Drag and drop everything, anywhere in the application
  • Use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge on any desktop or device
  • Work offline with Zimbra Desktop on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops

Zimbra Mobile for Smart Phones

Sol1 offers you FREE Zimbra Mobile connectivity with your Zimbra Network Edition accounts. This means you can easily access your Zimbra account while you are on-the-go.

Key Zimbra Mobile Features:

  • Access Zimbra through POP / IMAP email settings
  • Get email, contacts, calendars and files in Zimbra Briefcase using mobile web browser
  • Native integration with Mail app, including Conversation View / read / delete / compose message
  • Sync Zimbra Address Book to Contacts app
  • Use Global Address List (GAL) to compose email, look up phone numbers and add meeting invitee
  • Sync all (multiple) Zimbra Calendars
  • Send and accept/decline meeting invites
  • Open and view attachments
  • Access data locally in Airplane Mode
  • Use Preference to manage push frequency, accounts and usability options

Zimbra Administration Console

We can set you or someone in your business up as a Zimbra Administrator for your company. This gives you the ability to log into a secure webpage to manage your Zimbra accounts, without having to contact Sol1 for assistance. There is no additional charge for becoming an administrator, and we have some fact sheets to help you get started with using the interface.

As an administrator you can:

  • Create, Delete, and Edit accounts and aliases
  • Create, Delete and Edit e-mail groups
  • Change Passwords
  • Download Plug-ins and Info Sheets


Billing is per month in arrears:

  • User License (i.e each mail box) $5
  • Shared Storage (per GB) $5
  • Alias accounts FREE
  • E-mail groups FREE
  • Zimbra Mobile FREE
  • Archiving FREE
  • Administrator Access FREE

Setup Fee: FREE, however migration of data from old system is charged at our standard hourly rate.

Pricing Example: The following is a typical example of pricing:
A customer has 5 users. 2 users have 1GB of mail each, and 3 users have 500MB of mail each. The pricing per month will be as follows:

User licenses: 5 x $5 = $25
Storage: 2 x $5 + 3 x $2.50 = $17.50
Total monthly spend: $42.50 (total storage is rounded to the nearest 10MB)


  • After initial set up, accounts are self-administered via the Administration Console.
  • We will bill you for what you use that month in arrears (both account limits and storage)
  • Zimbra Mobile has excellent support for many devices, but not all devices do work. Please contact us if you have a query regarding your mobile phone.

If you would like a free 1 month trial of our Zimbra Network Edition Hosted solution, or have any other queries, please contact us today on 1300 765 122.

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